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Ride Of The Week 03/07/2022: Teana & Darryl McHenry's 1941 Chevy Pickup

Let’s face it. In the annals of muscle car history, the best paint colors and coolest color names came from MOPAR: Go Mango, Sub-Lime, Lemon-Twist, Vitamin C and of course, Plum Crazy! So, if it’s okay to drop a Chevy 350 into a Ford Model A, it should be fine to paint a Chevy in a Mopar Color. That’s what we have here, a 1941 Chevy Truck that has been sliced, diced, chopped, and channeled into a wonderful hot rod, finished off in a signature Dodge FC7 Plum Crazy Purple.

It’s powered by a Small Block 350, with a Turbo 350 transmission and 3.08 Gears at the rear. Owners Teana & Darryl McHenry of Avis, PA did the chrome work on the engine, painted the raised white letters on the tires purple and added the bowtie exhaust tips after acquiring it from a couple in Ohio. “I always wanted a GTO,” Teana says, but that went out the window when they found this truck because a real GTO would be real expensive and, as Teana put it, “This one’s paid for!”

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