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Ride Of The Week 11/21/2022: Jerry Dykun's 1967 "Sox & Martin" Camaro


There are two interesting stories behind this 1967 Camaro owned by Jerry Dykun of Economy, PA who has owned the car since he was in the Army stationed at Fort Benning, GA in 1976. It apparently was prepped by Roy Hill has a bargaining chip in the Sox & Martin drag racing team’s negotiations with Mopar. The story Jerry heard was that they wanted to make sure Plymouth would give them a better deal if they thought they might jump to the new Chevy Camaro.

With Sox & Martin’s deal with Plymouth secured, the car was sold to young soldier stationed at Fort Bragg, NC who was then transferred to Fort Benning where Jerry was assigned. “I got out of the army and eventually parked the car in my garage from 1980 to 2020.”

In 2009, while he was in the process of trying to get the Camaro road-worthy again, a man and his young son spotted the car thru the open garage door and couldn’t decide if it was a ’67 or a ’68. They approached Jerry who confirmed that it was a ’67 and spent a few minutes answering the young boy’s questions about the car. “The dad asked me, ‘what does it need’? I told him the Holley carb needs a rebuild and I could use a new set of tires.”

A few weeks later, he gets a release letter in the mail. Turns out the dad worked for Mattel in the Hot Wheels division, and he wanted to secure the rights to produce Jerry’s Camaro in 1:64 scale. “I couldn’t believe it. After I signed the letter, I got a box and a check. The box had my car as a Hot Wheels and the check covered a new Carb and some tires.”

So there you have it…a car that could have been immortalized on the drag strip by the infamous Sox & Martin race team ended up being immortalized as a Hot Wheels!

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