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Ride Of The Week 10/23/2023: Earl Adams' 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix


Earl Adams of Ravenna, OH was like a proud papa, discussing his first-year Grand Prix at Octane Nights last August. He’s had the car 5 years out of its 61 lived but he was quick to point out all of the originality of the car.

He showed me the carpeting of the “hump” in the rear seat area, well worn from kids’ shoes rubbing on it through the 60s and 70s. The original spare tire still rides in the trunk, while up front there’s a foot operated electric windshield washer motor. And speaking of electric, it has a generator instead of the later equipped alternator.

Earl obtained the car from the family of a friend who passed away. It wasn’t the car he was looking for at the time, but he couldn’t turn it down. It has factory A/C and 84,000 original miles.

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