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Ride Of The Week 10/09/2023: Simon Neubert's 1926 Ford Model T


Model T’s are getting to be a rare sight at car shows. The even rarer sight is seeing one piloted by someone under the age of 40. Simon Neubert of Cabot, PA grew up with Model T’s in his family and at the age of 15, built this 1926 jalopy-style Ford with period speed equipment and modifications.

While it’s all original Model T body, chassis and engine parts, it’s cobbled together from several cars. It’s powered by a 3-Liter four-cylinder with hi-compression pistons. It has a later Model A head and exhaust manifold. The car has been lengthened by two inches and lowered 3 inches thanks to a New-Old-Stock lowering kit they found at a swap meet in Carlisle, PA, in its original box with instructions from the late 20s/early 30s.

A 1998 Ford Econoline van donated its seats which were reshaped and reupholstered. A full-size Ford pickup was the source for the side exhausts which were fabricated out of nerf bar size steps.

Simon tells me that this car has logged a ton of miles all over the country. It’s been on the Las Vegas Strip, climbed Pike’s Peak and gone over 80 mph with ease thanks to a modern distributor and Ruckstell 2-Speed Rear axle and Hydraulic Brakes.

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