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Ride Of The Week 09/5/2022: Beth Rhodes' 1968 Camaro Sport Coupe


Beth Rhodes it the original owner of this 1968 Camaro Sport Coupe. Upon her graduation from Penn State, her father gave her a gift. “He tossed me the keys and the payment book and said, ‘Here! Congratulations!’” So, he didn’t buy her a car, just signed for it at C&Z Chevrolet in Houtzdale, PA and made the first payment. But still, a new ’68 Camaro at $69 a month wasn’t too bad.

It was originally Seafoam Green, but after years of Central Pennsylvania winters, it was junk it of fix it. Thankfully she and her husband chose the latter. In 2001, the Camaro underwent an 18-month restoration and a repaint to Flame Red. It retains all its original equipment: 327 small block, Powerglide automatic transmission, AM radio, and original interior. Even the pinstripe, which was redone of course, was originally on the car when it was green.

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Extremely nice car, even nicer people who attend many central Pennsylvania car shows.

Me gusta
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