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Ride Of The Week 09/26/2022: Katrina McDonald's 1967 Jaguar E-Type Roadster


It is said that the Jaguar E-Type was considered to be the most beautiful car in the world by one Enzo Ferrari. That is indeed high praise. While not everyone shares the great car maker’s taste, the classic lines of the E-Type still impress today.

Katrina McDonald’s 1967 E-Type Roadster is our #rideoftheweek for the storied history the car has. Her father purchased it in 1969. Kat has fond memories of riding the car in a booster seat wrapped in a flannel blanket that is still stowed behind the seats.

It was passed down to her after it sat for 20 years in her parents’ garage. About 13 years ago, her husband, Ron, told her he was taking the Jag into the shop for some “engine work”. That was a ruse to surprise her on her 40th birthday with a full restoration.

It’s still powered by the original 250 hp 4.2L inline six and stock four-speed transmission. It’s been upgraded for better cooling with a new radiator.

“It’s a great little sunny day car. I used to ride in this with my mom wrapped in that blanket and the top down, now I take my kids.”

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