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Ride Of The Week 07/03/2023: Alex Kean's 1970 Citroen DS21


On the Saturday Night Live sketch, The Coneheads, Beldar, Prymaat & Connie would explain their strange alien behavior by saying, “We are from France.” Likewise, so this strange, alien, oblong car: a 1970 Citroen DS 21. It’s owned by Alex Kean of Regent Square. He told me about the history of the car.

It was originally sold I the fall of 1969 about 30 miles outside of Paris. The original owner, then, emigrated to Canada and had the car shipped across the Atlantic. It was then sold in the late 90s and brought to Virginia where his dad found it and brought it here to PA.

After a few years of ownership, Alex’s dad got tired of the upkeep on a car with a limited parts network here in the states. Alex talked his dad in to selling it to him and he’s been the DS 21’s steward ever since.

It’s powered by a 2.1L 4-cylinder engine with hemi heads. A four-speed “Citro-matic” transmission backs up the 4-banger mill. It also has a factory hydraulic suspension and the most unique feature of any car I’ve ever seen, a single spoke steering wheel.

Alex and his Citroen are one of a few in the Pittsburgh area and are regulars at Pittsburgh Cars & Coffee events, as well as staples of the “French Quarter” car corral at the annual Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.

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