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Ride Of The Week 05/23/2022: John Shaireman's 1986 Corvette Indy Pace Car Edition


In honor of the Indy 500 race week, we’re featuring an Indy Pace Car Edition as our #rideoftheweek!

When I spoke to John Shaireman of Jersey Shore, PA about his 1986 Corvette Pac Car Edition, he knew all the stats about the car by heart:

1986 Corvette Pace Car Edition.

0-60 In 5.5-6 sec.

14.5 in the ¼ mile.

7315 Pace Car Editions.

1800 with the 4 by 3 transmission.

700 in Yellow like the pace car driven by Chuck Yeager.

L98 V8 with Dana 44 Rear.

948 produced with the saddle top like his red car.

Bought it 5 years ago.

Came from Central NJ.

He is the 3rd owner.

The power adjustable seats and Bose stereo were $2,000 options.

Sticker price was $36,000 when new.

Repainted 3 years ago, but the Indy 500 decals were never applied to the car. So, these are the

original decals that came with it was a dealer installed item in 1986.

If you’d like your ride to be featured as a #carshowlife #rideoftheweek, send us your story and at least 6 photos to


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