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Ride Of The Week 03/06/2023: Alan Gimmel's 1983 Toyota Celica

There’s a surprise inside!

Alan Gimmel's father bought this 1983 Celica new at Citrus County Toyota and proceeded to put 153,000 miles on it before passing it down to his son.

When the cam shaft went bad and Toyota wanted $2,500 for the repair, he said to himself, “Alan, you’ve got a project car.” Thankfully he already had an engine & transmission sitting from another project. So, with a tape measure in hand, Alan set out to shoehorn the 351 Boss motor and Tremec T5 from a 1971 Torino into the Corolla for a Supra Sleeper!

“It has the original paint and all of the original gauges work,” Alan told me about the condition of the running gear, “it has new seats, but the carpet and wheels are all original too.”

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