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Ride Of The Week 02/28/2022: Daryl McHenry's 1934 3-Window Street Rod

Updated: Mar 15, 2022


I was first drawn to this 1934 3-window street rod because it reminded me of ZZ Top’s Eliminator (thought that was a ’33). When I got closer and saw the 5.0L Ford Engine and steering wheel sourced from a late 80s Ford Mustang, I wanted to know more. So, I chatted with owner, Darryl McHenry of Avis, PA who gave me the back story.

“I had always wanted a 3-window coupe, but I built a T-bucket hot rod back in ’97-’98 and sold it. I found it later and tried to buy it back, but the guy wouldn’t sell.” And that is how Darryl found his dream car.

“I did all the paint work myself. It’s a fiberglass body and I repainted red with the flames. I rebuilt the motor, added electronic fuel injection, B-cam, Flowmaster Exhaust. Took me about a year and a half.”

It’s powered by the aforementioned 5.0 H.O. and 3-speed auto with overdrive, source from a Fox Body Mustang and looks absolutely killer with the flame job and chrome wheels. Makes the opening riffs of “Legs” roll on repeat in my head when I think about this #rideoftheweek.

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