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Ride Of The Week 02/21/2022: Charlie Faris' 2003 Mercedes-Benz 500 SL

Updated: Apr 15, 2022


That is what Charlie Faris paid for this outstanding 2003 Mercedes Benz 500 SL Hard top Convertible. He explains that the original owner had more money than God and modified this car with all sorts of expensive accoutrements, like 19” AMG Wheels, a Kleeman Supercharger, Stainless steel headers & exhaust and interior woodgrain trim. And, after all of this, he eventually lost interest in the car.

Charlie explains, “I bought a car from him a few years earlier and struck a deal that he could stop by and drive it whenever he missed it. So, when I saw he wasn’t driving the SL much, I asked him if he had any intention of selling it and if he’d be interested in the same deal we had with the other car.”

Much to Charlie’s surprise, not only did he accept the offer, but he gave him a price he couldn’t refuse. All that car, for the price of a new Honda Civic. And with that, Charlie now owns the Alabaster White 500 SL and has enjoyed adding on to the 39K original miles. The car has been auto-crossed in SCCA competition, a parade car for PSU Homecoming and featured in a video for FabSpeed Motorsports on YouTube.

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