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Ride Of The Week 01/29/2024: Burt Calhoun’s 1996 Eagle Talon


Seeing a car that was what my contemporaries were driving in high school and college on display at a car show gives me the feels. When I saw this ’96 Eagle Talon, I had to know who was driving it. Much to my surprise it was a fellow who was a bit older than me.

Burt Calhoun bought a new Talon in 1992 and wanted to relive those younger days, so he bought this 1996 about 4 or 5 years ago and went to work on this project. The 2.35L 4-cylinder has been bored out with an added stroker kit. The turbo charged enhancements push about 400 hp to the wheels on this AWD hot hatch.

“I welded the front diff and added R888 tires, so it won’t spin!”

Other enhancements include American Racing TorqThrust wheels and an LED Strip across the front windshield that serves as the shift light.

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