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Ride Of The Week 12/27/2021: Joe Panaro's1969 Plymouth Roadrunner


Joe Panaro of Duncansville is a life long Chevy guy. So how does a guy who’s into Chevelles and Corvettes and Camaros end up with a Plymouth? A tragic twist of fate and a family connection.

The Plymouth was restored in 2019 for a guy who had a decades long battle with cancer. When he was in remission his kids had the car redone as a gift, but the celebration was short lived as he was diagnosed with dementia. So, they decided to sell the car. That’s when Joe’s sister in California gave him a call.

“Joe, what’s a MOPAR?” she asked. “I said, where did you hear that word?” Turns out it was her neighbor that was selling the car. Joe continues, “I figured she was gonna say that it was a Valiant or a station wagon and she tells me it’s a Roadrunner!”

Not only that but it was a Roadrunner in Tor Red with a 440 6 pack, bucket seats and a console. Joe contacted the son for more information. As it turns out, the just wanted to get their restoration investment out of the car and move on to caring for their dad. So Joe struck a deal and The Bowtie guy now has a Mopar in his collection.

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