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Ride Of The Week 12/11/2023: Gordon Ries' 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

An Encore Appearance

Gordon Ries of Conway, PA makes a second appearance in the Ride Of The Week blog. Last October, I featured his 1947 Dodge Pickup finished in Sub Lime Green. This year, he came back to the same show and I took a shine to his 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner.

He’s owned this car for 30 years. He bought it as a complete car but has since redone it. While a true Roadrunner, it had a replacement engine from the previous owner. So, he found a date-correct 383 and backed it up with a 4-speed manual and an 8 ¾ rear with 3.23 gear.

When I asked what attracted him to the car he said, “My first car was a ’68 Roadrunner, so when I found this one, I couldn’t pass it up.” Gordon paid $1200 for the car in the early 90’s. And, while it’s not numbers matching or high-end restoration, you can bet he’d get well north of that figure should he sell it today.

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