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Ride Of The Week 12/04/2023: Doug Holz's 1967 AMC Marlin


Unusual or rare. Those are two key criteria when I’m selecting cars for our #rideoftheweek. This one is both. It’s a 1967 AMC Marlin, one of 2,540 built on this one-year-only Ambassador chassis.

Doug Holz of Ambridge, PA is the custodian of this highly original car. He’s made some changes and updates to it, replacing the brakes and tires and adding Magnum 500 wheels. “Aside from making it safe to drive, I haven’t touched anything else. It still has the original hoses!” It’s powered by AMC’s 343 ci V8 and features options like power steering, power brakes, cruise control, AM/FM radio, and a tissue dispenser!

As for how it remained in such original condition, it was sold new through Volmer Motors and then traded back there where the owner of the dealership kept it for his personal collection. So, there it sat for 52 years. When the store closed and the collection was sold off, Doug was able to obtain the car with 29,300 original miles.

Doug tells me that AMC invested $35 million in developing the Marlin from the Rebel platform to the larger Ambassador platform. He said at an American Motors Owner’s meet, one of the executives who pitched a higher performance version of the Marlin was there. “The guy was in his 80s and he told me that my car was identical to the color of his pitch car, with Magnum 500 wheels and dual exhaust to go after the Dodge Charger of 1967.” Ultimately, he was turned down and this car only lasted one year.

AMC experts have told Doug that his car is the most original example they’ve ever seen and it has been documented as the 6th car built out of the 2,540 from 1967.

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