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Ride Of The Week 11/07/2022: Anthony Webster's 2007 Mustang GT


The license plate on this 2007 Mustang caught my attention as I approached it from behind at a Cars & Coffee event this past summer. The New Jersey tag read “BAD IDEA” and indicated that there was a story here to be told. And, because it was a Jersey plate so deep in western PA, I had to know more.

Anthony Webster lives now in Harmony, PA and bought the car when he lived in NJ. It was a year old and just a traditional GT, so he decided to have some fun with it and make it his own. He added a Roush supercharger, exhaust and 3.70 rear end gears to make the GT put out Shelby-level power, about 600 HP to the rear wheels.

When I asked about the plate, he said that it was more about discouraging others from trying to race him. “’DON’T TRY IT’ was too many characters, so ‘BAD IDEA’ fit. Now I need to get that same plate in PA.” As for the car being a bad idea or any of the money spent on it, Anthony says, “it was one of the best ideas ever!”

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