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Ride Of The Week 08/17/2020: Robert Beck's 1991 Pontiac Trans Am

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

“From Playing Dukes of Hazzard to Racing Autocross”

Robert Beck sent in his '91 Trans Am with a cool back story. He purchased it roughly 10 years ago and rescued it from a place in Bedford County they were using it to "drive around in their field and play Dukes of Hazzard". Thankfully Robert got to it before they tried one of those frame crushing jumps!

After paying a $50 deposit and trading an old 302 and a transmission for it, he's used it on road courses, auto-crosses, and muscle car challenges all over PA and sometimes running at Summit Point West Virginia and Nelson Ledges Ohio. This year he'll be competing at UMI Performance's King of the Mountain.

To do all that competition, lots of suspension work was done but he's essentially still running a relatively stock 350 that the car came with as well as the factory disc brake setup. His detective work on the car's past reveals he is the 3rd owner, with the second being the "Dukes of Bedford County". From what he found in the car when he bought it, the original owner was in the military stationed out of DC or somewhere in Virginia.

Robert says, "this is a very fun car and gets lots of looks wherever it goes!"

We'd like to tell the story of your ride next week. Send a profile of your car and it’s backstory to to be featured as a future Ride Of The Week!

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