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Ride Of The Week 05/26/2020: Mark Seifert's 2000 Camaro Sport Coupe

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

“Advertising and Alzheimer’s”

In 1993 when Chevrolet introduced the 4th Generation Camaro, they utilized the slogan “From the Country that Invented Rock N Roll” to market the new F-Body. A whole slew of classic rock songs were used in the campaign, to tie the sharp, angular new design to its muscle car roots of the ‘60s & ‘70s. It sure resonated with me, but I couldn’t even think about owning a brand-new Camaro at that time and neither could Mark Seifert. In 1998 when the Camaro was refreshed with a new nose and a more powerful engine line-up, the rock songs remained a staple of the advertising. One of the commercials in the campaign involved a motorcycle club thundering down a two-lane road to the tune of George Thorogood and The Destroyers’ “Who Do You Love”. Mark was taken with the red coupe in the commercial as it approached the group, who split formation to let the car on through. That image stuck with him. He vowed that one day, he’d own a red Camaro.

That day came in the not too distant future. Mark’s dad had worked for GM for 33 years. He was able to get Mark GM Employee Pricing, long before it became a trendy marketing ploy. In 2000, Mark took delivery of a brand-new Camaro Sport Coupe in Bright Rally Red with T-Tops. The dream had been fulfilled. All was right with the world between the man, the car and the father who’d helped him get it. But it wouldn’t last.

Within a few years, Mark’s dad’s health began to decline. He had dementia and his mind was fading. But every so often, the sight of that red Camaro would break thru the fog of Alzheimer’s and offer a moment of clarity. “That’s Mark’s baby!” he’d say. Thus the name “Baby” stuck. His dad has since passed away but the Camaro remains, serving as a loving, rolling tribute to his father.

Mark has kept the car mostly original over the past 20 years. Options include the Y87 Performance Handling Package, Removable T-Tops, Power Door Locks & Windows, Theft Deterrent System and Four-Speed Automatic Transmission.

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