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Ride Of The Week 05/10/2021: Chris Goode's 1990 Isuzu Amigo


Chris Goode’s 1990 Isuzu Amigo is a very unique ride and grabbed a lot of attention at the first Faxon Cars & Coffee of the season in Loyalsock Twp, PA on April 24th. Originally built in 1998 by Rob Rodell in Texas, it was a cover truck in Mini Truckin’ Magazine for their July 1998 issue.

But time was not kind to the “Lomego” and it was neglected for nearly 15 years, when Chris’ friend, Jon Monroe, discovered that the truck was located about two and a half hours away from him in Pennsylvania. It took him seven years, but he was finally able to acquire and restore the Amigo.

While he was able to substitute some period correct parts: seats from an Isuzu Trooper sans headrests for example; finding an Isuzu 4ZD1 4 cylinder engine would prove to be a challenge. You see, something interesting happened between the Mini Truckin’ spread and Jon’s acquisition of the Lomego. The original 2.3 L 4 was swapped out for a Ford 302. Since the motor mounts were in good shape, he decided to leave it. While not original, it does make for a huge surprise when the hood goes up.

For the paint, Jon was able to approach Ryan Evans of the History Channel’s Counting Cars at a car show and Ryan was able to give him the paint codes for the graphics all from memory. Turns out, that was Ryan’s first cover car and that info stayed with him.

It all came together with a lot of hard work and determination. Jon recently sold the Lomego to in 2020 Chris who proudly displays the vehicle along with a copy of the original Mini Truckin’ and the All The Low Magazine featuring the restoration.

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