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Ride Of The Week 04/26/2021: Bethanne McCarty's 2012 Camaro "Smoke"

A tribute to all who gave some and some who gave all.

Bethanne McCarty sends us her 2012 Camaro, “Smoke”. She is a Military/Police/First Responder Tribute car. There are over 400 signatures in and around her engine bay from members of all branches of the of the armed forces, both active duty and veterans. There are also “In Memory” signatures from family members to loved ones they lost that were in the military. All ages are represented, from an “In Memory” of a 19-year-old Marine who was killed in action, to a 94-year-old WWII Veteran, who is legally blind, but insisted he sign Smoke himself. On the inside of the trunk lid, there are over 100 signatures from Police and First Responders. Also, one signature from State Trooper after he pulled her over for speeding. Bethanne notes, “no ticket, but I got a signature!”

Bethanne continues, “My late husband was a Marine and the reason for the initial start to the build. We had Smoke wrapped in August of 2018, started showing her as basically bone stock. In August of 2019, he passed away. I kept going with Smoke and brought her to where she is today. I always say that I wish he could see her now. Everything in and on my car means something. Down to and including the Nitto tires. My late husband never wanted them, but I did. You see what tires are on her now. She has my heart and my soul built into her. And she is my pride and joy.

And what a joy she is, Bethanne. Thanks for sharing your intimate story.

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