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Ride Of The Week 04/11/2022: Harry Lynn's 1968 Mustang 2+2


When Harry Lynn of Saxton, PA was in the Navy and stationed in California in the mid 80s, he bought a 1968 Mustang 2+2 from the original owners, an elderly couple who took great care of the car. It was Royal Maroon with a 289 and a C-4 automatic and became his daily drive and a "taxi" for his Navy buddies for nights on the town or special events. “They’d offer me gas money, pay toward my insurance or buy my tickets or drinks wherever we were going. It was great,” says Harry.

After his time in the Navy and several trips across country back & forth from PA to CA, it was time to freshen the Mustang up a bit. He was a machinist’s mate aboard the USS Cleveland, so he knew a thing or two about fixing things. He set out to make his dream car. Out went the C-4 and in came a Tremec TK05 5-speed, MSD ignition, Atomic power rack & pinion steering, subframe connectors and Wilwood brakes.

“The biggest challenge was the rear end,” Harry states, “I had to do a lot of math to get that narrowed 9” to fit.” But he was successful in its installation to allow for the 17x9.5” tires to tuck under the fenders out back and the 17x8’s up front.

The car is now Laser Red Metallic and wears American Racing Torq-Thrust II chrome wheels. The interior is immaculate with no hint that he ever hauled around his rowdy Navy buddies on an evening’s shore leave.

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