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Ride Of The Week 02/06/2023: Margie McClintock's 1942 Cadillac Limo


When I met Margie McClintock at the Steel City Nationals in September of 2022, she and her husband were showing a 1942 Cadillac 75 Series Fleetwood Limousine that was restored by her late father Anthony Iezzi.

The car is #45 of 110 produced and Anthony found it in a junk yard being used as a parts hauler until its WWII-era Flathead (the engine that powered M-5 Shermans in the war) finally gave out. He acquired it in the early 80s for the princely sum of $28!

During the 2-plus year restoration process, Mr. Iezzi restored the original drive train, brought the leather interior back to its luxurious original state and applied 9 coats of black lacquer to create a show piece that earned 3 national first place awards from the AACA and was elevated to senior status in 1986.

After wearing out three sets of tires driving the car to AACA meets in Michigan, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginia, he stored it for 10 years. Eventually the car was brought out of retirement for hire as a limousine for weddings and proms. When not hauling newlyweds or high school kids, Anthony’s sole passenger was the Pocahontas mannequin he found at a flea market. He said it felt like “Driving Miss Daisy” with her in the back.

Sadly, Mr. Iezzi was one of the many early victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. His daughter, Margie, and her husband, Don, honor his legacy by showing the big Caddy, though Don does all the driving. Margie admits that at 3 tons, it’s a little too much car for her to handle and Don is still getting the hang of motoring it with 3 on the tree and 163” between the wheels.

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