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Ride Of The Week 01/16/2023: Wilson Wolfe III's 1969 GTO


In 1969, Wilson “Sonny” Wolfe, Jr ordered a GTO from S&H Pontiac in Harrisburg, PA. He wanted to take the car drag racing and special ordered it with the RAM Air IV and a four speed. He also selected a special color, Barrier Blue which was from the 1966 Pontiac color palate.

When the car arrived for delivery, there was a problem with the Endura bumper. It turns out that 1966 color wasn’t formulated to adhere to Pontiac’s 2nd year rubberized front bumper. The dealership offered to swap it out with a chrome unit, but Sonny refused. He wanted to race and was concerned about the added weight, so the decision was made to paint the bumper white to compliment the Parchment interior.

Thus, Sonny Wolfe became known in Southeastern PA as the drag racer with the white nosed GTO. He put over 11,000 miles on the car, mostly a quarter mile at a time until he broke the rear axle, and the car was parked.

When he passed away in 2010, Wilson Wolfe III inherited the car. With the help of members from the Susquehanna Valley GTO club, he got the axle repaired and began showing the car. Aside from the rear axle, the car is all original, right down to the paint and interior. It’s been featured as a cover car in Muscle Car Review and High Performance Pontiac magazines.

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