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Ride Of The Week 01/04/2021: Ron Smith's 1966 Chevelle SS 396

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

"A Man And His Vices"

Pick your poison, they say. Gambling, Drinking, Smoking…these are the typical vices of an adult American male. For Ron Smith, you can take your smoke, booze and bets and shove ‘em. Ron’s poison is cars!

I met Ron and his wife Sue at the last Williamsport Cars and Coffee of the shortened 2020 car show season, telling tales at the back of their 1966 Chevelle SS 396. What caught my attention was Sue stating, “Well he doesn’t drink or smoke! He’s gotta have some vice!” She was referring to his love of cars, of which they have four: a ’66 Big Block Vette, an ’87 Monte Carlo SS, a ’67 Chevelle SS and this ’66 SS 396.

Ron traded a 1970 Chevelle to a guy who had been in the process of restoring the ’66 when he ran out of money to finish it. The Smiths had Whipple’s Auto Body repaint the car to its original color of Marina Blue. It has a newer rear-end and transmission, but the 396 big block is original to the car and makes 400 HP.

Ron loves cars and says it’s his way of reliving his life as a 16-year old gas station attendant! Whatever keeps you young, I say!

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