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Car Show Life Custom Show Boards

Tell Your Ride's Story

Every car has a story to tell.  Whether it was a barn find, a custom creation, a family heirloom or just the car you always wanted; share that story with spectators and fellow car enthusiasts with a custom show board from Car Show Life.  CSL also creates custom logo graphics, t-shirts and other gifts to bring your passion from the garage and show field into your everyday life.  Show the world how you live the Car Show Life: Back in, Hood Up! 

Custom Show Board Designs

What is a
Show Board? 

Show Board, Hero Board, Header Board, Leader Board, Car Show Sign, Story Board, Car Show Display, etc.

They're known by many names but a Show Board is a display to share information about the history and specs of your ride. Most show boards are a list of the features like drivetrain, suspension, wheels/tires, paint and body. 

At Car Show Life, we like to try to tell the story of your ride and why it's so special to be on display at a car show. We also like to think about the questions you're asked at least a hundred times at every show and answer them so that spectators and enthusiasts can walk away knowing exactly what your car is about.

Custom Show Board Cuts

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