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What Is Your Car Club's Signature Charity? Car Show Life Wants To Help Out!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I've belonged to a few car clubs and they all had pet charities that they exclusively supported throughout the year. The Northeastern Ohio Camaro Club's was the Akron Children's Burn Center under Aluminum Cans for Burned Children (ACBC). In my Kentucky Camaro Club, we supported the Dream Factory. While 2020 has been a disappointment to those of us who looked forward to attending shows, enjoying our cars and reconnecting with friends, the charities that benefited from our support of these events are really hurting this year. So, as the holiday season approaches, I’d like to team up with as many car clubs that can find me to help their signature charities.

If your club has a central charity it supports, I’d like to know. Email me at and tell me about your club and its philanthropical efforts. Then, encourage your members to shop for holiday gifts at We’ve created dozens of apparel designs for car enthusiasts that can be printed to t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, socks, clocks, etc. They make great, affordable gifts for the car nut who just wants car parts (and we all know how expensive car parts are!). We also have a line of custom, made-to-order car art that can feature your ride and make for a treasured keepsake for home, office, or garage. And finally, our Car Show Life Show Boards, which tell the story of your ride and give the history of the car to spectators at shows. For every purchase made, Car show life will donate 50% of our net profit to the charity you specify.

If you’d like to organize a charity auction among your members for your remaining monthly meetings or perhaps a holiday gathering (if you’re able to gather), I’d be happy to support it with a donation of artwork.

And please keep us in mind for your 2021 events. Car Show Life offers FREE car show dash cards for shows, just pay for postage. We can also design your show flyer and create social media artwork for free. We frequently take requests for door prize donations, like hats, t-shirts and pens available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For us, living the #carshowlife means giving back to the community. Hopefully together we can spread a little cheer and shine a light on what has been one the darkest years in recent memory.

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