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Ride Of The Week 11/30/2020: Allen Kile's 1964 Dodge Custom 880

Updated: Aug 28, 2021


Station wagons are a rare sight these days at the local small-town car show. So, when this pristine Dodge Custom 880 was backing into the cruise-in at the Hughesville Dollar General, I helped guide it into a space, then immediately pounced on the owner.

Allen Kile has owned this wagon since 1968. He bought it for his growing family from the original owner. While the car is mostly original, it does have a replacement 383 Magnum Hemi from a similar car, in lieu of 361 it was born with. What is definitely original are all 142,000 miles on the odometer. Allen told me that he logged over 7,000 miles on one summer vacation, all the while, towing a travel trailer.

The aforementioned 383 is backed up by a 3-speed Torque Flite Push-button Automatic. All of Allen’s kids learned to drive selecting the gears on that “type-writer” drive. I thought that was pretty cool. Apparently so did Dennis Gage. The handle-bar mustachio’d host of “My Classic Car” also took an interest in Allen’s ride a few years back at the Bloomsburg Nationals and signed his dash card from the event.

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