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Ride Of The Week 11/16/2020: Dale Merrill's 1972 Pontiac Ventura II Sprint


When I saw this car at a show back in July, I had to know more about it. But the owner wasn’t around to tell its story (<cough> Someone needs a car show life show board <cough>). Anyway, I had to endure a few more missed connections throughout the summer to finally catch up with Dale Merrill and get the scoop on this GM X-body.

This is a 1972 Pontiac Ventura II Sprint. This car had been owned by Dale’s Cousin since 1978 with Dale being the 3rd owner. The car had been sitting from 1985 until he acquired it in 2012. The restoration began in October of 2019 and wrapped up a lightning pace in May of 2020.

Not only is the ’72 Ventura II a rare bird among GM X-bodies but it also has the Sprint Package which added the optional 350 cu in. V8 and 4-barrel carb, body color mirrors, custom carpeting, all-vinyl upholstery custom sport steering wheel, blackout-grille trim, special striping, blackout grille, and 14x6" wheels. Some freelance touches include the addition of American Racing Torq Thrust wheels and some custom-cut mud-flaps to keep the doors and quarter panels clean.

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