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Ride Of The Week 11/08/2021: Tom Berfield's 1970 AMX


Tom Berfield of Avis, PA hit the car guy lottery when he happened upon the listing for an estate sale. The son of the deceased was selling off all his collector cars and Tom had first pick. Among the GM A-bodies, he saw this 1970 AMC AMX in Big Bad Orange. To make the car even sweeter, it was equipped with the “Go Pack” which included the 390 V8, 4-Speed and 3.54 gears.

Tom is the 3rd owner of the AMX. The previous owner and son lived about a mile away. Yet, when Tom would take the car out, folks would say, “I’ve never seen that car before.” Well, until Tom got it, it was barely driven. And it had never seen rain, according to the previous owner’s son. Well, that changed under Tom’s ownership, “I think the first 3 times I had it out, it rained on it."

One special note on this '70 AMX is that it is believed to be one of roughly 122 built that year in Big Bad Orange, a rare bird from a very rare flock.

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