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Ride Of The Week 10/23/2023: Paul Neubert's 1981 HUM-J-7


If you weren’t Arnold Schwarzeneger or Sylvester Stallone, having a civilian version of the AM General HMMVW in the early 90s was pretty cost prohibitive. So, the next best thing was to take a CJ or YJ Jeep and add this Hum-J Body kit.

I spotted this Hum-J-7 at a Car Show in July of 2023. It was owned by the late Tom Neubert of Denver, CO and inherited by his brother, Paul. It’s a 1981 CJ-7 with a fuel-injected Small Block Chevy.

One of the reasons the Hummer was used for this body kit was Jeep’s very protective copyright on the 7-bar grille.

The family tells me that this vehicle has driven trails all over the western United States, covering terrain like Moab, UT and other off road crawling courses all without a diff locker.

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