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Ride Of The Week 09/27/2021: David Wright's 1947 Frazer Sedan

David Wright definitely raised his little girl right. She’s a State Trooper out in Arizona and knows exactly what her dad likes. She bought this 1947 Frazer for him in the Southwest as a birthday gift, and in the hopes that he might decided to move out west and enjoy life in the desert in his golden years.

However, David is a PA boy thru and thru and just won’t leave the Keystone State. So, she shipped the Frazer to him, complete with Arizona tags that read “GR8TDAD”.

David always wanted a Kaiser Henry J, so when Kristen found this Frazer out the desert, it was kin to the Henry J, but he wasn’t sure what model it was. “Dad, it’s a Frazer, like a Mercury or a Plymouth,” she told him. Really there is no model, it’s just a Frazer Sedan. David doesn’t know much about the car other than the document that came with it specifying that it was a Frazer Sedan, Serial Number F-47-017589. It was built at Willow Run Plant in Michigan and delivered to a dealer in Union Gap, WA. The sticker price was $2,442.28, about $29,800 today.

It’s finished in Speedway Grey and has a Beige & Blue interior with this interesting push-button door releases. It’s powered by an inline 6-cylinder backed by a 3-speed manual with electric overdrive. When it arrived in Montgomery, PA from Arizona, it wouldn’t start. Turns out the old 6-volt electrical system has a positive ground, so the battery was in backwards.

I asked was people think it is. David gets comments like, “What year is your Rolls Royce?” Well it sure looks as luxurious as a Rolls.

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