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Ride Of The Week 09/08/2020: Linda Hart's 2007 Mustang


While her name wasn’t ‘Sally’, Linda Hart was a Mustang gal if there ever was one. However, it took her almost her entire life to get one.

When she turned 16, all Linda wanted was a pony car. However, her father, out of concern for her safety, would only allow her to drive big cars like Cadillacs or Buicks. These big American sedans were the go-to for parents who wanted to ensure their offspring was protected from harm in the pre-airbag, pre-abs, and pre-crumple zone era. But driving these “old-man cars” was the antithesis of ‘cool’ when ‘Cudas, Camaros and Cobra Jets are running up and down the strip.

Linda had to wait for adulthood. As her husband John relates, “She said, ‘you know, I never did get my Mustang.’ So, I said, let’s go get you a Mustang.” In 2013, Linda and John picked up this 2007 RedFire Metallic number with a Parchment leather interior.

This striking Mustang caught my eye at the Williamsport cars & coffee in August when I saw the “Mustang Sally” front plate. “She ordered that for the front,” her husband John told me, “And did you see the license plate in the back?” As I walked around, John told me the story about her dad not allowing Linda to have a Mustang. The Pennsylvania plate reads, “HA HA DAD”.

Linda definitely had the last laugh. Unfortunately, Linda passed on, but John keeps the car as a rolling tribute to her. And what a beautiful tribute it is…”Ride, Sally ride!”

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