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Ride Of The Week 08/23/2021: Earl Mitchell's 1937 Plymouth Custom

Updated: Aug 28, 2021


Custom cars are always hard to identify and dissect what parts come from what sources without the owner around to ask. (Hence why we at Car Show Life make our story-telling show board displays, hint-hint😊).

I first saw this particular Plymouth last fall at the Central PA Street Machines cruise-in in Mill Hall, PA and took plenty of pics, but to my untrained GM-Loving eye, I couldn’t really tell what the car originally was. Fast Forward to 2021 and another Central PA Street Machines event in Mill Hall, where I finally was able to ask the owner, “what the hell is this?”

Earl Mitchell of Howard, PA is the builder/owner and he created this hot rod out of a 1937 Plymouth. He shorted the chassis in the rear and stretched the front, while chopping and channeling the body over it. Power comes from a Viper V10 mated to a 6-speed manual. While it’s pretty much all MOPAR, a corvette donated its front and rear independent suspension components.

Earl builds race cars, so the interior has a race car feel with suspension seats from a sand rail. He was inspired to build something low-slung because of the Viper engine and the overall feel of the car evokes land speed racers from the Bonneville Salt Flats with the full moon hubcaps.

I asked Earl what people think the car is, “I get everything from a Bugatti to a VW.” Hmm, maybe we could help set people straight with a show board for ya? Thanks for sharing the story of your ride, Earl.

If you’d like your ride to be featured as a #carshowlife #rideoftheweek, send us your story and at least 6 photos to

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