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Ride Of The Week 08/09/2021: Matthew Davenport's 1972 El Camino

Updated: Aug 18, 2021


Matthew Davenport always dreamed of owning an El Camino. As is the story for many of us, life, marriage, kids all find their way to the top of our priority list, pushing that dream ride further and further down. But kids grow up, life changes and the means to pursue our dreams eventually come our way.

In April of this year, Matt began the search for a nice El Camino he could work on. A friend located this one for him in Perkasie, PA in Bucks County. He urged Matt to make the drive down from Williamsport to check it out.

When he laid eyes on this Sovereign Blue 1972 El Camino, Matt was literally speechless. “I don’t think I said anything for about 10-15 minutes. I just looked at the car. It was much nicer than I was expecting. We saw it on a Saturday and I bought it that following Monday.”

The ElCo is powered by a 350 with a 4-barrell and mated to an automatic transmission with a 10-bolt rear end. The restorer added some metal flake to the Sovereign Blue and painted the black heritage stripes on. Matthew says, “I’m glad he did the stripes. Otherwise, I think the metal flake on the hood might blind me behind the wheel.”

The vinyl top was also expertly installed and the interior was restored to factory spec with quality reproduction materials.

Matt has put about 1,800 miles on it since he purchased it in April. “It’s a cruiser for now, but I have plans to upgrade the powerplant to a 383 and polish it up a bit more.”

Here’s hoping you have quality shade for that finish, Matt. Thanks for sharing your El Camino with us!

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Photos: Drake Donovan @carshowlifebackinhoodup

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