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Ride Of The Week 07/26/2021: Roy Musser's 1960 Corvette

Updated: Aug 18, 2021


Roy Musser has owned this 1960 Corvette since he was 18 years old. When he decided to re-do it for the 3rd time, he ended up going down the rabbit hole of restomodium. It all began when he researched a brake upgrade to four-wheel discs. He quickly discovered that with a new chassis, he could do that and a lot more.

Out went the old C1 chassis and in came a Chassis Concepts frame. Now his Vette could accommodate a whole slew of upgrades, running the gamut of late model Corvette Greatest Hits: 4-wheel discs, Quad center exhaust, Tremec 5-speed transmission, custom interior, Dakota gauges, & C6 Z06 wheels.

It’s powered by a 383 stroker putting out 425 HP and finished ’05 Viper Blue. When I asked Roy what on the car still goes back 50 years, his reply, “Me!” Well, the driver and the fiberglass body are what remain from the day that 18-year-old bought this 1960 Vette.

Thanks for sharing the story of your ride, Roy!

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All Photos: Drake Donovan @carshowlifebackinhoodup

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