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Ride Of The Week 05/11/2020: Don Wedding's 1966 Nova

I immediately fell in love with this car when I walked into the 2020 Pittsburgh World of Wheels in January. I introduced myself to the owner and asked a few questions about the car. It was a years-long labor of love creating this gorgeous custom Chevy II. He was gracious enough to let me hop into his display to take some shots up close. I adore the red, white and black color combination (look no further than the #Carshowlife logo) and this ride wears it well. This car was gleaming inside, outside and underside.

After a bit of chatting, he remarked on the pull up banner beside the Camaro parked nearby. When I told him I designed it, he ordered one on the spot. So, I left the show and started laying out the design in my head on the ride home. I ended up working on it all evening and had something to show him on Day 2 of the show.

When I arrived at the convention center on Saturday, I couldn’t find Don. I was so eager to show him the result of the prior evening’s work. Turns out, Mr. Wedding was busy receiving all sorts of accolades for his Nova. The car had been chosen as one of the Steel City Select 6 as a finalist for the weekend’s top prize. Don’s Nova would also take home awards for Best Custom, Outstanding Individual Display, & Semi Hard Top. When I finally was able to locate Don he was all smiles. Then when I showed him the draft, he said, “That’s it! Can you have it ready for me for Harrisburg in three weeks?” “Well, yeah,” I responded, “the hard work is already done!”

Three weeks to the day, I found myself 207 miles east of Pittsburgh in the state capitol for the PA Motorama. Don’s Nova was again in a prominent place on the convention hall floor, but this time, he was livin’ the #Carshowlife, with my vinyl pull up banner added to his impeccable display. In Harrisburg, the Nova scored another Outstanding Display honor as well as 2nd runner up for Best of Show. A few weeks later, I saw the car on the Billet Specialties Instagram page. I was just bummed that they cropped my handiwork out of the shot. Nevertheless, it was a privilege to create a display and tell the story of Don Wedding’s ’66 Nova.

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