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Ride Of The Week 05/02/2022: Ashley Coperhaven's 2019 Charger


When Ashley Coperhaven acquired this 2019 Dodge Charger, it was intended to be her daily driver. Her husband had recently commandeered her Chrysler 300 and turned it into a show car. That’s why it’s a 3.6L equipped, AWD model. It was intended to haul kids and groceries and not haul ass or look good at car shows. But there was something about that F8 Green finish that screamed “show me off”.

Ashley says it started with a glitter kit, then wheels, then lights, and from there it all snowballed. “Thankfully, we had the means to afford yet another daily driver, a 2009 Dodge Nitro. I’ll drive that til it falls apart,” she explained.

As for the “Poison Ivy” name and theme, “I wanted something feminine and strong.” So, Ashley scoured social medial looking for any other “Poison Ivy” Chargers. Aside from a few daily drivers that had that nickname, there weren’t any other show cars. “That’s why I’m THE Poison Ivy on Instagram (@the.poison_ivy).”

All the design cues and the logo come from the comic book character. My Car Show Life booth was set up right across from Poison Ivy at the 2022 PA Motorama in Harrisburg and I was entranced by this Mopar’s beauty. Ashley made a great set up to display the car with artificial ivy garlands draped around the truck and hood openings, Poison Ivy logo’d door props and a mesmerizing light show.

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