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Ride Of The Week 04/05/2021: Jon Geise's 1987 Corvette

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

“Coveting thy brother-in-law’s brother’s Corvette”

Jon Geise is a Corvette guy, having owned two in the early 90s. He started out with a red-on-red ’84 and sold it after a short time to upgrade to a similarly appearing 1992 model with only 6,000 miles & equipped with a 6-speed.

But as we all know…life happens, forces changes. Thus, the two-seat sportscar had to go. Little did Jon know he’d have to wait nearly 30 years to get back behind the wheel of a Corvette.

Jon writes, “I've been trying to buy my brother-in-law's beautiful 1987 Corvette in Longwood, FL for the past 15+ years! Every couple years, I would reach out to my brother-in-law in Reston, Virginia, and ask him if his brother, David is ready to sell his Vette. He finally said YES in March 2020!!”

Jon explains that this 1987 Corvette is highly documented with all the paperwork from manufacturer to dealer to first owner. “It has ALL the documentation in a notebook binder he gave me…window sticker, original brochure, any repairs made through the years, etc. I even have the brand-new Car & Driver magazine in 1987 when they featured the 1987 Corvette! Now, how cool is that!?!”

Jon describes the car as in “showroom condition”. It only has 31k miles on it now and he plans to keep it low, driving it only about 1,000 miles a year. (Good luck with that!) It has a 350 cu/240 hp L98 V8 backed by the 4+3 manual transmission.

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