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Ride Of The Week 03/14/2022: Wayne And Carole Sokach's 1998 Mustang GT

When Wayne And Carole Sokach of Johnstown decided they wanted to buy a fun convertible to drive and possible show, the thought they were looking for a Mazda Miata. But after driving a few they felt it was too small. In March of 2016, they saw a Pacific Green Ford Mustang on the lot. It was nice car, 4.6L V8, 5-speed but it didn’t scream out to them, or at least, they didn’t hear it.

That little Mustang stayed on that lot, out front, all summer long. By December, they started to think about that car. So, Wayne called up the dealership and asked if the ’98 Mustang was still available. It was, can because it was the end of the year, the dealership was looking to divest themselves of a vehicle they didn’t want to have in their stock past Jan 1st.

That little GT Mustang waited for them until they were ready.

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