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Ride Of The Week 02/01/2021: Allan Smiths 1934 Ford Pickup

"A Barn Find In A Carport"

This week’s Ride of the Week comes to us from Williamsport, PA. Allan Smith writes,

“2018 started out kind of rough for me and I needed something to keep me busy. My friend Harvey told me about a guy north of town that had his own private yard and stash of various cars. Harvey, Jeremy, and I rode up to the guy’s place looking for Camaro parts for Harvey's car. Walking around up there I spotted this chopped 1934 Ford Pickup sitting in a dirt floor carport. We struck a deal and went back to pick it up the next week.”

As the story goes, it was just a roller. There was no engine or transmission. It didn’t have the correct bed and the floor and firewall were missing. Allan says they had to hold it together with multiple ratchet straps just to get it back home. Luck would have it that Allan found the guy who owned it back in the 80s who revealed that it was torn apart back then, too. He did get some valuable info from the previous owner including that it was already set up for a Ford drivetrain.

To get the Ford drivable, he enlisted the help of his friends Harvey, Jeremy, Gerald, and Jim. Greg Martin of Iconic Rod & Custom/Martin’s Dent Shop did the bedsides. While doing the bodywork they found a ton of bondo in the cab, so that required extra work to get it straightened out. But Allan was itching to get it out on the road. Since it was found all but forgotten in that carport, Allan wanted to paint it in a way that looked a little weathered. “I just wanted it together, so I came up for the idea for the paint job, let’s make it look like it was parked in a garage and forgotten. It was then sprayed blue and the black is airbrushed in.”

Allan goes on to say, “I've only had it out cruising around for a month or two, but it gets attention everywhere it goes. This winter I hope to get the interior finished as well as putting a wood floor in the bed; but I'm not ashamed to show up at a car show or cruise in with it the way it is now. I couldn't have done it without the help of my friends Harvey, Jeremy, Gerald, Jim, and the support of my girlfriend Katie.”

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