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Ride Of The Week 01/11/2020: Mark Bennardi's 1968 GTO

"Looks can be deceiving"

While this 1968 Pontiac A-Body may look like a Meridian Turquoise GTO now, it was born a 1968 LeMans in Mayfair Maize. According to its current owner, Mark Bennardi of South Williamsport, a previous owner had a GTO that had been totaled in an accident. He loved the car, but replacing it was hard to do, as the values of original “242” cars (meaning the first 3 digits of the VIN indicating that it was a true GTO from the factory) were skyrocketing at that time.

So, the then-owner found a Mayfair Maize LeMans, stripped the GTO-specific trim and equipment that was salvageable from the wrecked car and had it repainted to match his beloved “Goat” in Meridian Turquoise. Also, not original is the 402 cu V8 that now resides under the hood, harvested from a 1971 Chevelle.

Mark says he became the car’s fifth owner just over a year ago. He caught the muscle car bug as a kid, when two of his three older sisters dated guys with muscle cars. That’s why he chose this GTO, a cool car with a cool backstory.

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