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Show Board - Themed

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Product Details
Tell your ride's story with a custom designed show board from Car Show Life! Our Themed Design Package includes:
A Themed design based on the car's name or the theme already exhibited in the car's design
Custom Logo Design Included (either car's name or theme you’d like to illustrate)

Owner info: Name/Hometown

Car info: Year/Make/Model/Trim
Features/Mods list or Quick origin story

Add-on option: include documentation or supplemental materials

Add-on option: custom cut (Deluxe-Custom Cut Out or Shape, Premium-3D Relief Elements or Ultra Premium-combination of Premium and Deluxe)
Add-on option: include our exclusive Car Show Clamp to display your 12x18" or 18x24" dibond or pvc print securely in your engine bay or one of our stand options.

Add-on option: Battery powered LED lighting (available only on Premium or Ultra-Premium Cuts (3D relief)

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