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Show Board - Basic Design

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Product Details
Tell your ride's story with a custom designed show board from Car Show Life! Our Basic Design Package includes:
Up to 3 photos: Hero Shot and 2 feature focus
Owner info: Name/Hometown
Car info: Year/Make/Model/Trim
Either a short features/mods list or Quick origin story
Add-on option: custom logo
Add-on option: include documentation or supplemental materials
Add-on option: custom cut (Deluxe-Custom Cut Out or Shape, Premium-3D Relief Elements or Ultra Premium-combination of Premium and Deluxe)
Add-on option: include our exclusive Car Show Clamp to display your 12x18" or 18x24" dibond or pvc print securely in your engine bay or one of our stand options.

Add-on option: Battery powered LED lighting (available only on Premium or Ultra-Premium Cuts (3D relief)

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