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Car Show In A Box

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This all-in-one package contains the items you need for a 20'x20' indoor display. The kit includes 18 mini stanchions that stand 14" tall. Combined with the 16 5-foot rope sections can assemble the 400 sq ft barrier. It can also be reconfigured to a 10'x20' area with stanchions measuring 20" tall. The quarter-inch diameter rope is available in several colors to coordinate with your ride.

In addition to the barriers, the Car Show In A Box kit includes our exclusive Car Show Wedge stand for your show board or entry placard and a set of four dual-lamp, battery-powered, RGB-W Spotlights for accent lighting in and around your car.

Other stanchion sets are upwards of 24"-30" tall and can obstruct the view of your car. Our low profile design allow spectators to photograph and film at a distance without having anything in the way of their lens.

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