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Ride Of The Week 05/29/2023:Bill Kniffen's1957 Chevy 210


This is not your typical shoebox Chevy. This particular 1957 210 is a rare hard top in the mid-level trim of Chevy's full size 1957 sedan. And, that rare hard top body has been shoehorned over the chassic and drivetrain of a C5 Corvette.

The C57, if you will, is the creation of Bill Kniffen of West Virginia who built this car in his own garage without any assistance from a major hot rod shop.

Billy incorporated the C5's door handles and mirrors on the exterior and retained the Vette's drivetrain and chassis. The dash is also from the Corvette and it has all of the wiring and electronics, including the head-up display. Bill added, "Because of the computer and stuff, the car still thinks it's a Corvette!"

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