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Why Car Show Life?

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

You've spent thousands of dollars on your car. You take great pride in the work you've done to maintain or restore it to this level of show-worthiness. You spend hours washing, waxing and detailing it. So why put forth all that effort and stop short with a hand-written sign?

Every car has a unique will you tell yours?
Why spend thousands on your car only to tell its story with a handwritten sign?

That's where I come in. I'm Drake Donovan. For most of my professional career, I've been a storyteller for radio. I'm also a car guy. I have been since I was two or three years old. So when I go to car shows, I like to learn about the stories of each car; "What makes this vehicle so special to its owner to show it off?"

Car Show Life show boards are designed to tell the tale behind the car and educate/entertain the spectator, especially when the owner is off enjoying the other cars in the car show. We give a brief history of the car (or the make/model), an anecdote about the owner or the story of how the car came to be either thru modifications or restoration.

We also like to add a bit of personality to these displays. If the car has a name, we can create a custom logo or theme to go along with it. If the car has stripes or a unique paint scheme, the team at Car Show Life will try to replicate that design in the layout. And when you have details that "hide in plain sight", Car Show Life can point those out in the display board to encourage spectators to take a closer look for things they might otherwise miss.

A show board from Car Show Life is a great investment to add that one final touch on a striking display. And the best part? Car Show Life offers an 18-month guarantee. If you make modifications or updates to your car within 18 months of delivery, we'll revise and reprint your show board for free! And if you trade your car in that period, CSL will create a show board for the new ride for 50% off. So, buy with confidence and live the #CarShowLife!

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Professional fun is what I like to call his work. The work he's done for me has been off the chart awesome. His offerings are far reaching. Five Stars *****

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